I can be forced to buy health care insurance. I can be forced to comply with all kinds of regulations I think impinge upon my freedoms and leave me feeling emasculated.

But I will NOT be forced to watch sports on television! I have pushed myself away from the lure of TV wrestling for the final time. I shall not be forced to watch 50 "foul shots," the exact same shot, in every game. I will not be forced to hear crowd noises, razorblade beer pickup commercials, or the post game "interview" with the sub-par IQ of some athlete named after some famous movie chimpanzee speak profundities of our existence.

I would rather be dead. Televised sports is where I draw the line.





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  1. astro the family dog:) on January 21, 2013 11:08 pm

    Y.A, Johnny U, old 66, 60 and so many others are long gone…its all about saving yourself for the next game, the hurt the pain,,is something of the pass.

    maybe just maybe the new guys really have the right idea in the scheme of things…though..

    baseball..9 innings 11 players..


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