Does anyone believe there is a contagion in things like mass shootings, and pushing people onto the tracks in subways, and that it has to do with the Qe's, the tarps, and the singling out of the successful for "takings" by the remaining 99%? I do.

Jeff Watson writes: 

It's just a permutation of the old "madness of crowds" meme.

David Lilienfeld writes: 

There are a few papers published in the New England Journal of Medicine and some other venues over the course of the last decade that illustrate social contagion for behaviors such as obesity, smoking, and so on. I don't know that there's been any efforts, though, for less frequent behaviors.





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  1. steve on December 31, 2012 4:54 am

    If an Psychotic like David Koresh who burned 80 people to death at Waco Texas or Jim Jones who oversaw the murder of over 900 people in Guyana exist, why should we assume that this society will ever conduct itself morally and peacefully.

    I cannot explain such horrors or the need for them to happen, yet I do accept the fact that they do happen and there is evil so profound that such things which have happened will continue to happen.

    Society can only protect you so far the rest resides within you.


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