It is well known here that where two fields intersect, great advances are made from study and reflection. The Knicks beat Phoenix on Thursay Dec 27 by 1 with a wild shot from Smith at the buzzer and lost by 1 to Sacramento on a three at the buzzer the next day. "Karma comes around" said Smith who is a lunatic guaranteed to make the team lose as his eye is one of the worst in the league and he's become the Knicks go to player. "That's the toughest way to lose" Novak said. "you'd rather lose by 40 than to lose on a game winner at the buzzer".

How many times has "ever changing cycles" as Bacon and we call it caused the end of one day to be exactly the opposite of the end of the previous day. (Novak's game winner was a 1 in a thousand shot as he was off balance and almost out of bounds with 0.2 seconds left as was Johnson's 3 pointer who hadn't scored a 3 pointer in the whole season and was 0 in 13 on previous 3 point attempts). In the Phoenix game, Knicks were down by 28 points. They went ahead by 5 and wound up losing by 1. The previous day, Dec 27 in the market, the spu's were down by 17 at 1400 gmt, rallied to up 5 on the day at 1530 gmt and closed down 3 at the close at 1615.

Okay, I say the market moves on Dec 27 and the scoring moves in the Sacramento game on Dec 28 are much too close in swing moves to be just chance. Had the Knicks won, it would have been their greatest comeback in a 2000 + game history. Had the market ended up on Thur, it would have been one of the greatest comeback in history. And the swing from down a lot to up on day to down a little at the end must also have been a 1 in 1000 shot for basketball and a 1 in 250 for the market. The ever changing cycles of a loss by 1 and a win by 1 at the buzzer in a game of 60 jumps of a few points either way with the outcome hinging on a non-percentage outcome by the losing side must also be highly unlikely by chance. I say that the market follows sport and sport follows the market. And the highly non-random outcomes in both spring from common weaknesses in human nature, as most meaningfully limned by Bacon and the people on this list.





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  1. Shut The Fuck Up on December 31, 2012 3:34 am

    Shut the fuck up your broke bitch. How’s that selling all of your silver at the lows working out.

  2. Mark Johnson on December 31, 2012 2:04 pm

    In 1998 i was living in a hotel after my divorce, unemployed and would spend my days at the barnes and noble bookstore.
    Spent most of my time in the finance section glossing thru some of the books-i never had a computer at that time and i never even heard of victor niederhoffer.
    when i found his book i was really impressed and altho i did not have much money, i bought his book and read thru it 2x in just a few days.
    I really wanted to speak with him, but figuring he was a rich hedge fund trader i would not even be able to get thru-this was in march 1998 fyi.
    Well i said the heck with it called information and to my surprise got his number- i figured ok im going to try-i did not know about thai—- and his misfortune.
    when i called someone else answered and to my surprise they passed me over to Victor.
    He not only took the call-he spent at least 10 or 15 minutes politely speaking with me. he mentioned the titanic and a few other things-i even asked him if i could work for him for free because this was my dream-once again to my surprise he actually said we could talk about it sometime.
    well i was pretty impressed and grateful, even more so after i found out what a terrible time this must have been for him.
    Ive been reading this site ever since and always learn many things (Where has your Briefly speaking column been lately?)
    Mark Johnson
    White Glove Moving
    VIP Sales Mgr.

  3. Leo on December 31, 2012 6:35 pm

    I am shocked to see the above words, and wonder what is the grudge.

    The truth of a good life is that it always has the thrills. Some sensible ordinary people call them the good and bad moments, or the lows and highs of life. But for the fortunate small group of people who have truly experienced them all and have had the courage to savor them and the wisdom to ingest their meanings, there is no sense of labeling them good or bad. To them, every negative moment is accompanied with many positive elements, and vice versa. It is the fullness of the experience and the broadness of the wisdom that count as a good life.

    Those who are unable to sense their own lives and only hold grudges about other people are truly wasting their own and should feel ashamed.


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