We're now into Year 3 of the Greek implosion. Lots of austerity measures in place in Greece, though it's not clear if anyone pays any income tax. Government employment rolls have been cut by more than 25%. At what point do Greek banks become buyable? Granted, there may be some social instability short-term, but given that the country has stomached the austerity measures thus far imposed, I'm not sure that my concern about the social fabric further unravelling is well-founded anymore.

Ralph Vince writes: 

A good point, but I think we should asses what is and has occurred in Greece, and elsewhere, as not just a function of duration but of time. I don't see the Greek situation improving an any substantial measure any time soon. Or Portugual of Spain or Italy or France or….

I fear europe — and the rest of the world (assuming the US follows suit on austerity) will be in a similar situation wherein the prisoner seems fine after 90 days of incarceration. But he has a 20 year sentence.

I think the real fear isn't so much "social fabric coming apart," lies in the realm of political reaction after sustained periods of hardship. This is where some pretty unsavory actors have made their mark — not in all cases, but it is the ground they have grown in, and no one has been into this long enough or suffered for enough of a prolonged period. We will know it is that time by the symptom of right-wing leadership and if it is sensible or extreme.





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  1. Silence Free Market DoGood on December 29, 2012 8:22 am

    Pardon me if I ramble a bit in a rather long response.

    “We will know it is that time by the symptom of right-wing leadership and if it is sensible or extreme.”

    Or, we are already experiencing the extremist? Hitler was born through the German Socialist Party. A left-wing Socialist movement. A nationalist movement, caught up in the scientism of the day - eugenics. America went through a similar period of socialism with FDR and eugenics. This spawned Margaret Sanger to espuose her views about “undesirables” and solutions on population controls of “undersirables” and races. This lead to planned abortions and Planned Parenthood. Today, over 55 million babies have been aborted and her plan to limit races overwhelmingly has hit blacks the hardest as was one of her intentions.

    Most zombies walking today are unaware that Nazi is an abbreviaton of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

    The political left-wing party of Socialist Germany. Most uninformed, publically educated zombies do not know these simple facts. They are well trained to hate all things “labeled” right-wing. Free markets being categoraized at “Capitalist” evil due to evil bankers that are all “right-wing” capitalist of course. Or, are they? Who worked to removed the Glass-Stegall ACT? And Who Signed the law removing this protection? A right-wing Bill Clintion? This gave us the greatest rip-offs of the Americna people in our history. It took over a decade to allow the deception to work, where investors could set up the ultimate inside game. Many made billions “legally” because the laws to prevent the inside game were removed and no penaly could be invoked. In fact, many on the “left” and the “right” in the investment world idolize these billionaires as wiz kids. But, are they not just legal crooks? Who set up their casino for the biggest House take of all time against the clueless?

    Back to “extreme” wings…

    Hitler nationalized healthcare as a Socialist, not a “right-wing” movement of the past, of America’s foundation or of current conservative positions. But a “left-wing” desire and movement.

    Speaking of unsavory characters, why is is that “left-wing” “capital-socialist” like Soros get a pass? The current administrations benefactor? Soros, a convicted inside trader by the highest courts in France and Europe. Spends billions made in Free Markets to manipulate, subjugate and dominate the masses based upon his Marxist Utopian vision. To effectively remove the rights of others and place his pawns in power.

    Why are “left-wing” extremist left out of the equation? Is this due to the dumbing down of society at-large? The Walking Dead that depned upon Comedy Central for their news? Or David Lettermen for interviews with the President?

    Why is our “left-wing” President not considered extremist? He studied extremist Saul Alinsky methods and taught them as a Community Organizer. He was tutored by William Ayers, a radical “left-winger” who considered Any Means to an End a valid form of Radical Revolution to “change” America. William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn exercised their radical visions through the bombing of innocents in America. Our Presidents first nomination was in their home, a home of Communist “left-wing” extremist that hate American free market systems. And espouse far left socialist, marxist ideology to Move Forward in America.

    Finally, lets look at the outcome of “peacesful” protest by either side, the extremist left and “extremist” right. On the Left side, the protest turned ugly, people were injured, died, were raped, property destroyed, and millions in losses to local businesses and filth to clean up by every city hit by the way of Soros funded puppets. On the right side, the protest were peaceful, no one died, no drugs, no businesses were hurt and after the protest was over, people cleaned up as they left, leaving behind clean parks.

    One side was lifted up by “main-wing” Media while the other sides was demonizaed, insulted, mocked, ridiculed as dumb, racist and “dangerous.”

    If one thing is certain, there is deception in the markets and their is deception in the air. The sad truth is, most Walking Dead are unaware of the Big Con in the air and they think they know the Big Con in the Markets - all those “right-wing” capitalist pigs. You know, the same ones that gave our current President the most money in history from wall street during his first campaign.

    The average people, the common folk, not the wall streeters, but main street people being demonized today in media and by many of Soros’s paid-for 503C political hack-attack, Zombie feeders are not extreme at all. They’re normal in a world increasingly seeing the bell curve shift to abnormal “progress”. They’re labeled as “extreme” right-wingers for believing in an antiquated system of individual responsibility. In general, they work harder, contribute more to charity and the general welfare of society and uphold values the original founders espoused as freedoms that made this nation great, that gave us so many blessings.

    Today, that is seen as “extreme” by the Walking Dead. Oh well, time to turn the Zombie TV to see what propaganda the Walking Dead will follow next.

  2. George Chadwick on December 30, 2012 6:18 am

    Greek debt crisis - the country ETF for Greece (GREK) is currently up 42% from the 9/5/2012 trigger point at 12.55, and it subsequently went to a high of 19.00 in 5 weeks, or about 50%. What happened to all the noisy news about Greece?


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