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December 5, 2012 |

The best model I have for how the future will unfold is that of a "weakly" occupied country:

-The remaining enemy must be marginalized and denied growth opportunities

-Order maintained with a heavy hand (although without violence, as much as possible), those who are not with us are against us

-The "hero myths" of the Ancien Regime wiped out and/or turned upside down

-A new base of support and new institutions established

-Leadership enjoying the spoils of war without undue sensitivities

Kim Zussman writes:

This game is a perfect example of intelligent use of the source of power in democracy (majority rules):

Obama will only accept higher taxes on the minority (wealthy), which is supported by his constituency (the majority / non-wealthy)

The minority's representatives (house Republicans) lose in all cases. If they capitulate they will lose seats. If they don't, we go "over a cliff"– defined by Obama and the majority as increased taxes and decreased services for the majority — and Republicans will be to blame.





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  1. astro the family dog on December 6, 2012 9:27 am

    “weakly” occupied country..’President Obama’ is just a reflection of what all are today, and as you know we all get exactly what we want in life.

    Looking in the mirror is not always pretty but it is ‘what is’.

    Government is of one thing, a ‘formed process’ of the rich protecting the wealthy, all though human history all forms of government has been such.

    As a writer suggested long ago:….

    “If voting really meant something, they never let you do it…”

    May be not the exact wording,,, but close…:)


  2. Ed on December 6, 2012 4:34 pm

    Most of what you mention has largely been accomplished. Success of the agenda becomes a matter of just grinding it out. The ultimate failure of “the old” was in focusing on transient things (tinkering with tax rates) rather than essential things (dominating education/culture)

  3. Andrew Goodwin on December 8, 2012 8:03 pm

    Charles Krauthammer came up with the most likely tactics we should witness though I take no side here.

    “What should Republicans do? If Obama remains intransigent, let him be the one to take us over the cliff. And then let the new House, which is sworn in weeks before the president, immediately introduce and pass a full across-the-board restoration of the George W. Bush tax cuts.

    Obama will counter with the usual all-but-the-rich tax cut — as the markets gyrate and the economy begins to wobble under his feet.”

    That’s the top Republican play to defeat Obama’s Kobayashi Maru so that’s a top scenario to trade.


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