James Bond used to use charm, guile and judgement to rock his opponents. More recently, however, he lays down the physical smack and appears more credible as prime rib attendee of a gay bathhouse and sauna.

I say this with utmost respect to all fans of such bath houses, living across the road from one of the UK's largest. And listening regularly to the dealings of an ultra-camp local steroid dealer who's evening office is frequently my local Pret cafe.

This is actually topical to real life Bonds. You can also see reflected in my above snap of Chariots Spa, the headquarters of the UK secret service. I wonder how many "extraordinary renditions" have occurred at Chariots on her majesty's service.

What might this tell us of the market zeitgeist? Judgement and art is a bust. Focus instead on the pumped up, superficial and artificially stimulated. Bruise your way to success.





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  1. Q on December 3, 2012 2:55 pm

    I must have watched a different movie. The Bond I saw came back from “the dead” to fail all of his proficiency tests and prevailed through improvisation and deft choice of the locale for engagement: Rules I daresay are more applicable than ever.

  2. Moneypenny on December 4, 2012 12:33 pm

    You make a solid point. The visual aesthetic contradicted the facts of the story. The subconscious implication is that looking like a pumped out version of Rodin’s thinker is insufficient to meet proficiency for today’s Bond, so best hit the bench press asap. And that Bond is such roided out hard nut he can take out an attack helicopter and multiple assassins with a sawn-off and badly telegraphed right hooks.


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