My analysis of every announcement until end of year will be in the context of a conman who just stole tremendous money from a mark. And he's on the train with the mark. And he doesn't wish to look too exuberant or spend the money. E.g. the report of claims today. They didn't want to increase it too much, because then the mark would have known they had the finger on the dike for all announcements before the election, i.e. there will be no saluting of the Russian Flag until the inaugural ball where certain groups are known to be very poor at maintaining balance in the presence of non-sweet grapes.





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  1. Jeff Watson on November 8, 2012 1:19 pm

    Extrapolating your analysis, what about after the first of the new year? Would you consider investing in quantities of non-sweet grapes? Are we going to need them or would a slow potassium chloride drip into the aorta be better?

  2. Ardent1 on November 8, 2012 6:53 pm

    Please remember that President Bush got America into Iraq under the claim: Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. And during the long US occupation of Iraq, billions of US dollars were spent rebuilding Iraq — billions that could not be spent rebuilding aging US roads, bridges, schools, job training, etc. under the economic theory of opportunity cost. Now that makes for a great story of a con man and his mark. History is filled with stories of great nations conquering weaker nations under false pretenses going back to Helen of Troy or Nazi imperalism over Europe during ‘39 to ‘45 (pleade note the Soviet excuse of “We must invade Western Poland to save it from Nazi Germany” is on par with the con man and his mark remark).

    By the way, President Obama got US out of Iraq, ending a sad chapter to the Bush Doctrine.

    Cheers and remember history is generally written by the side that won the conflict.


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