What a terrible title for such a good book, but what else could you call it, I suppose.

Felix Dennis is a wealthy publisher and an unlikely poet whose book is a highly enjoyable read on what it takes to 'make it.' I respect his admonishing that most people won't make it, and that in order to get there you must take big risks, step on a few toes, but also remember to treat it as a game.

His writing style is fluid, sincere and self deprecating. He comes across as a no nonsense type willing to share insightful stories about his experiences in business & life.

I would recommend this to any spec. It probably won't change your life, but it is worthy of whiling away a few hours on.

Amazon: How to Get Rich, by Felix Dennis.

Sunday Times Review: This is a three page blurb by the author who gives a flavor of the book.

If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened. [Read more here]

Incidentally, he also shares a few stories about his excess, reckoning he spent around $100m on living the high life over the years. This reminds me of the George Best quote on what he did with all of his money over the years:

well, I spent a lot on birds and booze and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.

Unlike G.B., Dennis was smart enough to know when to call it a day.





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