A Spec Song, from a brother

October 16, 2012 |

 To the Tune of American Pie by Don McLean.

A long long time ago
I can still remember how
The Bush expansion made me smile.
I knew the unemployment rate
Would safely stay near 4.8
And just a few were jobless for a while….

But Autumn- Oh Eight made me shiver
With each statistic they'd deliver
Bad news on the doorstep,
The Fed would ease one more step.
I can't remember if I cried
When they put in Barack and his bride,
But something touched me deep inside,.
The day the market died….


Bye, bye to the G-D-P pie
Bailed out Chevy, passed a levy,
But the plan went awry.
And good ole Ben would raise the money supply…
Thinking this won't cause the dollar to die,
This won't cause dollar to die…


Oh did you read the book of Mao,
And do you have faith in Keynes right now -
If Obama tells you so?

Now do you believe in stimulus?
Investments for some solar bus
With G-D-P expanding oh so slow….?

Mike Lewis is in love with him…
Cause he saw playing in the gym
They both took off their shirt…
The romance makes me hurt…

I was a lonely teen objectivist,
Never dreamed of operation twist,
But I knew things would go to schist….
the day… the dollar died….


Now for four years we've been on our own,
And Reid grows fat upon his throne,
But that's not how it used to be.

When the Gipper told the Red Premier
"Just tear that wall down, do ya hear?"
And his voice inspired you and me…

But while Ron Reagan's health was down,
Slick Willie stole the Bushes crown.
The right way was adjourned…
To "progress" we all turned.

While Barack read Alinsky's tome
And told us Kenya was his home…
The right won Congress all alone
Before the dollar died…


Helter skelter impeachment swelter
With "What IS IS" he tried to shelter…
Eight miles high and falling fast…

With the pepper pot he'd  made his mess,
She smoked cigars in her blue dress.
But the Newt stood on the sidelines in a cast.

Now the half-term air was filled with doom
The Starr commission left the room…
The Right got up to dance,
But they never got the chance,
When the elephants had left their cage,
They faced the Democratic rage,
But soon they'd usher Dubya's age
To rise, the dollar tried….
We were singing…

Oh, and there we sat to watch the race
It looked like Al took second place,
With no time left to vote again….
So Gore be nimble Gore be quick,
Gore poked chads with a long green stick,
Cause lawyers are the donkey's only friends…

And as Scalia took the stage,
The Times erupted in a rage,
The Bushes were not burned.
No verdict overturned.

And as the stocks climbed up to record height
And Greenspan's rates were never tight
The subprime lenders would delight….
The day the dollar died…
We were singing…


I'm from a state that voted blue,
Our debt repayment's overdue
There's just no chance that we can pay.
I went back to the sacred book
Where Dagny visits John Galt's nook…
But the Rand there said Bernanke must go away.
And in the streets the hippies screamed,
They Occupied, of Marx they dreamed.
No Austrian was spoken,
The markets all were broken.
And the three men that we can't forget,
Milt Friedman, Mises, and Fred Hayek…
They bought some Bitcoin on the net
The day the dollar died…
They were singing.

Bye bye to the G-D-P pie,
Bailed out Chevy, passed a levy but the plan went awry,
And good old Ben will raise the money supply,
But he's gonna cause the dollar to die,
Better vote for R-O-M-N-E-Y!


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