"Whatever Lol–a wants, Lol–a gets" from Damn Yankees should be lyricized relative to the central banks, flexions, around the world sitting on the razor's edge watching every earnings report, every dip in the stock market ready to provide massive unlimited balance sheet buying whenever it looks like their unseen boss will not get what it wants.

George Parkanyi obliges: 

Victor, the song is already tailor-made … just needed a few minor
tweaks.  Now if you can get someone to sing it I'll be impressed. 


Whatever banker wants
Banker gets
And little printer, banker wants you
Make up your mind to have no regrets
Recline yourself, resign yourself – cause you don’t have to be through  ;)
I always get what I aim for
And your … skills … is what I came for

Whatever banker wants
Banker gets
So let the presses roll
Don’t you know you can’t lose?
You’re an exception to the rules
I'm irresistible, you fool, give in!…give in!…give in!

Hello, Ben
It’s me
We bet so high
All thanks to you
Poo poo pa doop

I always get what I aim for
And you heart'n soul is what I came for
… banker wants
… banker gets
… We’ll always win
I'm irresistible, you fool,
Give in…Give in…Give in.





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  1. douglas roberts dimick on October 16, 2012 10:09 am

    The Rest or Just Some More of The PR(c) Story?

    I learned last night that the Communist government here is forcing the closing of a school run by the Catholic Church in Shanghai after 30 years of operation. The father teaches music and philosophy.

    No Dough? Appears to be an accelerated rate of closing of foreign franchise retail stores here as well. Krispy Kreme closed a Nanjing Lu location this month — purchased an Old Fashioned Vanilla on the last day. Three locations in China are listed in the latest 10-Q…


    Factory Closings. Three months ago, a trader of flowers from Holland told me that his guanxi Commie government guy says that the central government will be closing 20% more of the remaining factories still operating here in the mainland.

    Talk to Mr. Ed… Engineering graduates here at Shanghai University can continue their post-graduate studies basically for free. Seems the government prefers having them in classrooms rather than risk (1989 Flashback) demonstrations due to lack of jobs.

    It also appears that obtaining a masters degree merely moves one up an employer’s list of preferences, offering an MA a chance for a job with the same salary as an undergrad once commanded. That said, there are no longer enough jobs – met an engineering grad working at Dairy Queen last week…

    “ Nationally in 2011, the southern United States was the strongest market for growth while the strongest international market was China, where the Dairy Queen system recently opened its 500th location.” See… http://www.dairyqueen.com/us-en/News/

    Digest This… From 2001 up to 2009, one could constantly hear and see a worldwide rhythmic hype of the “miracle economy” a la that combined tenor piped daily by both state organs of the Communist politburo’s central committee and as reverberated during a corporate-conducted US-EU media fest. Now, with the reversal of fortunes post evacuating capital and HR flows, the curtain begins to lift…

    As Chinese history so reflects during the span of 14 dynasties (or 14 failed dictatorships), one may begin to detect the political abscesses of “FDI gone awry” within a “Chinese characteristic” social-economic corpus – or a body DOA at the emergency room for old songs of nationalist socialism (whatever that means or if it did actually mean anything albeit deaf-tone anti-Japanese propaganda from wars already won and lost).

    Ironically, what pings on the flexions’ radar screens now is that dot of incendiary evidence reminding us of the rationale for facilitating China’s economic development, primarily consisting of both…

    (a) awarding a dictatorial regime in 2001 with the honor of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games – not done since 1936 with the XI Olympiad in Hitler’s Nazi Germany — to promote development of human rights as well as economic development, and;

    (b) most favored nation status and trade agreements that transferred from American workers perhaps more than 30 million middle-class paying jobs – at best, being feng shui for maximizing shareholder profits (not to mention EU reverberations).

    So where’s the beef? I see rat droppings.


  2. Andre Wallin on October 16, 2012 7:29 pm

    Thank you for posting my comment Mr. Niederhoffer and keeping my faith in my mission.

  3. astro the family dog on October 19, 2012 10:07 pm

    If ‘Atlas Shrugged’ wouldn’t the world ‘rock’?

    Embrace what has happen, as all take place in chaos, as the ‘order of chaos’ is quite orderly indeed.

    All will enter this time frame though all human history it has always been so, growing pains are quite hard to adjust at times, these times ahead will be such…times.


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