I thought it would be fun to see who we can find at the top of any sport (or interest) that we have been involved in, who can teach us a lesson or 10.

Maybe this interview could be of some interest. It's Kelly Slater, talking about a few things, unfiltered. One highlight for me was his refreshing insistence on not selling out and going corporate…

Jeff Watson writes: 

When Slater was young, he took a year off the tour to star in the TV show, "Baywatch" with Pamela Anderson. The big guys on the tour at that time, Curren, Andino, Occy, Potter, et al all busted his chops for being a corporate sellout. Then when he did his album, "The Surfers" with Machado and Peter King, people called him a sellout. His big 7 figure yearly sponsorship, Kelly INC,….people call him a corporate sell out. His 30-40 movie appearances, the naysayers call him a sellout.

Personally, I like what they call "Sellouts." It shows that the individual is engaging in selfish behavior and that's a good thing.

Meanwhile, while they are calling him a sell out, 40 year old Slater has been steadily competing and holding his own. He's the reigning champion, and is competing and beating guys that weren't even born when he started on the tour.

If one weighs things on the balance of life, Slater has contributed so much.

Similarly, punk rocker Johnny Rotten of the infamous punk band The Sex Pistols, is under fire for doing TV commercials selling butter in the UK. The social media in the UK is abuzz with all of this, with most comments being highly critical and negative towards the ex-punker. To Mr Rotten, I say "Bravo." A man has to pay the bills sometime.





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