On a recent stop over in NYC, I walked the High Line, a beautiful and scenic park where the old elevated rail line on the West Side used to run to the meat packing district. It is beautifully landscaped, and provides stunning views of the city and river. The next day, doing a Kung Fu-wandering-about-the-earth-seeking-adventure-and-meeting-people, at random, we rented some bicycles in rode up along the Hudson River from the boat harbor up to the GW Bridge. When I lived there in the 70's it was waaay to dangerous to go through that area due to the gangs and the basketball courts. Now the paths are clean, tennis courts, joggers, bikes and female strollers with their babies promenade along the scenic riverside. Children play on swings in the parks. There is a little red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge that I would see as a child on my way into the city and always wanted to visit. My childhood dream came true and when I got there by bike, a musician was playing his saxophone under the bridge and the reverberation echoed across the river and back. It's so beautiful to see NYC improve and become more beautiful. It's such a contrast from the popular but mistaken post apocalyptic scenarios. There was a funny scene after returning from Africa as I walked through Penn Station thinking to my self, "Gee, it's so clean here". I thought that was pretty funny remembering what a dump NYC used to be in the 70s.

Sorry to miss the Spec Party but I wish extend to Vic and to you all a wonderful weekend and event. I have to attend my mother's memorial service this weekend. I can't tell you all how much the Spec List, and Vic have meant to me and my family in my life, so will just extend my sincere thanks.





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  1. astro the family dog on October 10, 2012 2:54 am

    Yes, it does seem that somehow NYC the greatest city in the world has turns its head towards what had taken place every where else.

    Good management love of the city etc..all seem to be the reason, more I would suggest its just a time delay at to what lays ahead for it.

    As to note the bad times of the 70’s are gone now, and only ‘good times’ are rolling along, restate prices hold the ground more than ever only to fool that many more.

    As aapl/goog bites the dust over time, so I think the bigger apple will follow as a lagging moving average of a very strange place to live. While most of the nation stays under the rubble of falling buildings I doubt NYC is to hold the line like so many think.

    Federal/State/Muni DEBT is everywhere and nothing can move a mountain but the mountain itself, when its time.

    If you like to talk ‘complacency’ reach no further, NYC is king….when seeing what it wants to see.

    As, the best foods,best entertainment,best people, best metro service, best best best….its all the best!

    In time, these pretty areas may become nice areas for ‘tent cities’, making the view quite different.


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