Somebody is spending, but who? This chart shows YOY customs duties and excise taxes which are a fairly good surrogate for retail spending.

However, here's a question: if the federal government buys a fleet of new Chevy Volts (the ones that burn up, LOL), do they pay excise taxes?

Mr. Krisrock writes: 

The combination of Higher Energy, Higher Dollar, Higher Commodities, and the September 15 California Tax on the internet has caused a SURGE in amazon orders to beat the increase…and of course Obama's playing with the numbers. Look at the huge drop in employment a year ago in October. Obama knows how the numbers work a year ahead, and of course, where do auto parts come from…electronic components come from Asia…for starters…and foreign car assemblies do buy foreign parts.





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  1. Ed on September 25, 2012 8:45 am

    Bill, Women are spending. I have no idea why my wife or any woman needs more pairs of shoes or handbags that get worn/used one time and then stored forever. I think most men are at this point overwhelmed by the quantity of cardboard boxes that show up at the doorstep delivering new online shopping purchases.


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