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I haven't done any research on the data and the numbers but even a fool like me can observe world wide stock markets, look at the release of data of economic indicators and see that something fishy is going on. I'm referring particularly to the Australian market and the release of the Chinese PMI Manufacturing numbers, and the dropping of iron ore prices.

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  1. Craig Bowles on October 2, 2012 6:21 pm

    Much of the world is probably confused.

    Global PMI vs stocks:

    Japan’s economy is again rolling over after showing positive growth rates by the lagging index for another two years this past March. The economy became inverted in May with the leading index the weakest and lagging the strongest. The US has had a positive lagging index since Sept 2010 and became inverted September 2011. This is unsustainable historically but I believe the Fed actions are propping up lagging indicators, such as debt. The catch-22 is that many lagging indicators can be inverted to make long leading. Seems short-sighted doesn’t it.

    The Fed was created in 1913 and the income tax began that same year. That was a big year. Our plumber said yesterday, “Everything costs too much. The rich people don’t care, because they have plenty of money. The poor people get everything for free, so they don’t care. The rest of us are screwed.” He ranted and raved about gas prices and gas taxes, etc. Generally, everyone seems pretty worried and pissed off. It’s odd the whole world has given up on free markets at the same time. Seems too much of a coincidence.


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