Here's a magnificent article about a 23 year old who was profoundly deaf, being able through the advances of free market technology, to hear music, to decipher music, for the first time.

What playlist of 10-20 songs, groups, orchestras, symphonies, etc would you recommend to a 25 year old who's never listened to music?

In fact, what would you recommend for the very first song a person coming out of the shroud of deafness should listen to?





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  1. Murali on September 12, 2012 4:45 am

    A) Nick Drake’s albums
    b) David Gray’s album
    c) Dueter-Basho’s pond
    d) Vivaldi-Four Seasons

  2. Tom on September 24, 2012 6:20 am

    Agree with Murali on A and D
    A few of my own favorites:

    Gershwin - Stairway to Paradise
    Maurice Ravel - Bolero
    Chopin - Etude No 13 in A flat major Op 25 No 1.
    Beethoven - Piano Sonata 13 in E flat major Op 27 No 1.
    Wagner - Mild und leise, Isolde’s aria from Tristan und Isolde
    Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30
    Freur - Doot Doot
    Anugama & Sebastian - African Journey
    Angelo Badalamenti (scores for most of the David Lynch films) - Twin Peaks soundtrack
    Hyun Jung Shim (score from “Old Boy”) - “Cries and Whispers”
    John Coltrane - Cousin Mary


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