Murray, from Victor Niederhoffer

September 2, 2012 |

 More important than insider trading, I saw a game or two of Murray's match. It's a revelation. He's improved so much from Wimbledon. He fights for every stroke, moves in at the slightest opportunity, has good mobility, and serves aces at will. It's still loathsome and boring to watch the game as it's all serve on the flushing surface, even more so than Wimbledon. One is also reminded of all the bad sports that I've seen play there and win like Agassi, Mac, and Connors. I watched my first big tennis at Forest Hills in 1950 and it was very beautiful to see Hoad and Laver play an all court game, and to me the game has deteriorated steadily since. But I wouldn't be surprised to see Murray win the thing and I take back all the terrible things I've said about him.


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