The effects of the mountains are sanguine. The vast open spaces and the scale that the West provides will give our policy makers the temper to make grandiose and bold statements. Freed from the confines of offices and committee rooms, let the liquidity flow like the big Snake river itself. Why would they want to spoil the mood in such an inspired setting. It must be the one of the reason these meetings take place in the mountains rather than seaside resorts.





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  1. astro the family dog..:) on August 28, 2012 3:14 pm

    Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve

    More than likely the real reason as to suggest, money goes where money is.

    Statements in markets are made in many ways, the very name ’snake river’…suggest tend to bite..


  2. darth Vader on August 28, 2012 5:24 pm

    Why is Daily Speculations being hit with a commenter/troll that saw the cartoon “The Jetsons” as the high point of his life?

  3. astro the family dog..:) on August 29, 2012 11:43 pm


    How nice my friend…not to worry gone just after this Blue Moon a coming….

    As the market summer lull is soon very soon to end, and off I go, my time has come and now gone.

    Sorry you did not understand the Jetson..thing…it is very much symbolic to American life today, and no was not the height of my life but more so the everyday American life today.

    “The ground is almost never seen” in the TV today in America.

    “His personality is that of a well-meaning, caring father, but he is often befuddled and stressed out by the problems of both his work and family lives.”

    “George complained of his heavy work load- having to push a button for one hour, one day of the week!”

    “Jetsons live in the year 2062 in a futuristic utopia”

    “George Jetson and his clan already seem quaint even to the baby boomers who grew up with them.”

    “The Jetsons’ world is our world: explosive technological advances, entrenched bourgeois culture, a culture of enterprise that is the very fond of the good life.”

    Symbolic and interpretive Anthropology is the study of cultural symbols.

    ————-as you can see much as what is today, is the Jetsons…of course all things or TV’s shows do come to an end.

    Good Nite Dark Vader..and try much to search for some light, you seem to need a bit of it in your life…:)

    Be well…of course and always.

    Jetsons the 1st rappers…”Eep Op Ork Ah Ah”..LOL!


    65% of the total world population has not as of yet spoke on a telephone.

    The African Continent has just about 75% of its population with no electricity.

    —————bye, bye,


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