Some recent advances in technology:

"Avatars to Assist Passengers at New York City Airports" :

"They're the best kind of worker. Sarah, Libby and Marie don't take time off. They don't get sick. They always smile at the passengers.Just don't ask them any questions. They can't answer them. Because they're not humans — they're virtual Customer Care Representatives, or, as they're more commonly known, avatars."

And the 3D advertising is becoming quite eye-catching too. Check out this Star Trekish dematerialization.

And finally, who will need to fly cross country to meetings? Just send your avatar over the net at a fraction of the cost:

"Billionaires: Russian Mogul Wants to Upload Your Brains Into Immortality":

"Earlier this year, a Russian media mogul named Dmitry Itskov formally announced his intention to disembody our conscious minds and upload them to a hologram–an avatar–by 2045. In other words he outlined a plan to achieve immortality, removing the human mind from the physical constraints presented by the biological human body. He was serious. And now, in a letter to the members of the Forbes World’s Billionaire’s List, he’s offering up that immortality to the world’s 1,266 richest people."

And lastly, here is indeed a technological leap beyond Duane Hanson's "lifelike" figures.





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