Article of the Day: "Billionaire Democrat Jeff Greene Fears Revolt of the Poor"

The man who made his fortune hedging against the real estate market– and since 2009 accumulating mortgage-backed securities– still wants to represent the poor, improve their lot, convince his rich friends they should pay more taxes…

Pressler draws a picture of Greene, 57, worth an estimated $2.1 billion, as a man who lives in fear of a populist revolt, a plundering uprising of America's "poor people." As a member of the country's richest 1 
percent, Greene claims the nation's wealthiest people, people like 
himself, should pay more in taxes willingly– "buy a little democracy 
insurance"– because one day, "if you have 50,000 angry people coming 
across the river, you think you're safe?"

Pitt T. Maner III writes: 

The revolutionary route into Palm Beach would be across the Southern Blvd. bridge which spans the intracoastal waterway (not exactly a river, but close enough). Fortunately for Mr. Greene, Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago would be the first mansion encountered by the envisioned, angry hordes.

The only invasion activity seen at present are the wondrous sea turtles that are laying eggs in good numbers on the Atlantic Ocean beach side. The turtle hatchlings begin their life cycle in Florida and follow a general circle around the Azores to Florida and back. They are the endangered species and the "farmers" who are important to the ocean ecosystems.





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