When boxing, combinations of punches are much more effective at knocking out the opponent. Just a jab, jab, won't do much other than set up a combination. We had a good solid two days of light jabs. A good combination is a fake to the head, when the hands go up, punch to the stomach, when the opponent doubles over from the stomach punch a sharp upper cut to the chin will usually ring his bells as the head snaps back, and then a finishing round house to the side of the head is a good recipe for a knock out.

Markets are full on brawls, and combination moves like the Fed disappointment, then the EC disappointment today is a good combination that can ring the bulls bells and set them back on their feet and make them feel pretty unsteady. It's pretty discouraging to ride three legs down if you're caught on the first move, and can lead to a knock out if not careful.

Like Clint said in Million Dollar Baby, "Always protect yourself" even when the bell has rung. Funny business goes on in the aftermarket and overseas at night.

Mohammed Ali's "Ropa dopa" strategy was a masterpiece. Just put up the glove around the head and forearms protecting the stomach, and let the opponent tire himself out punching away. When the opponent is tired, fire him up. Market strategies might match this fighting method.





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