The Sapo green tree frog offers predator snakes, crocs and birds the most poisonous secretion in the world used by the Matses to poison darts, US special forces in Peru to enhance bullet tips, and burned into the biceps of Iquitos tourists as a death rehearsal. However tonight´s batch goes to scientists worldwide to analyze the ingredients of the most biochemically active substance known to man whose medical benefits are hardly imaginable. Last night I helped hunt and tend the 'waiting room' of thirteen Sapo frogs in a jungle operation in the Loreto state of Peruvian.

Picture captions tell the story of the Frog Hunt.

1. The Sapo Frog is plucked like green fruit from trees at night. (pic1 )

2. The frog is splayed between four sticks. (pic2 )

3. Toes are pinched all around to aggravate a flow of mucus secretion. (pic3 )

4. Venom is scraped off the back and legs. (pic4 )

5. And transferred to a stick where it crystallizes overnight. (pic5 )

6. The frog is released back into the trees. (pic6 )

Full story of the Frog Hunt is coming.





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