"Geithner Urges U.S. Congress, Europe to Spur Economic Growth"

A shot across the bow before the Wednesday announcement?

Garrett Baldwin writes:

I'm out at Indiana this week for my Purdue residency, and the first thing that I heard out of the trade econ professor's mouth is KEYNES, KEYNES, KEYNES justification…

Time to break out the spoons and start digging. We'll eventually make it to China so we can pay them back.

I am attempting to justify a question on this. How do you print or borrow the size of a stimulus you want… at trillions… and expect our economic and political system to somehow get the targeted stimulus that they proclaim possible? There will be buy-offs, write-offs, handshakes, and so one… And by the time we get down to it, the very areas they want to stimulate that have any economic merit will be 3 percent of the money spent. I'd rather just go with the helicopter plan.





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