A party for Jack Barnaby was held on July 28th, commemorating his 70 years as a coach at Harvard where he was the Johnny Wooden of squash.

He liked to teach his students about the stock market and music and introduced many of us including me to Beethoven, Gilbert and Sullivan and Bach oratorios. His mantra for stocks was buy and hold good companies in the oil producing and insurance field. His holdings date from his father, a mathematician who was a consultant for the insurance industry. He held many 10-baggers.

Since he passed away, in Feb 2002, one notes that the insurance companies have been relatively constant to down 20% depending on the index you use. The energies companies have doubled with Exxon a favorite of his moving from 30 to 90. He felt that everything that Exxon did was first class, and that they were very scientific and efficient despite their size, a legacy from Rockefeller.

He taught Jay Nelson, then an also ran and me, who had never played from scratch. A picture was taken by Dean Bauer one of his tennis and squash hands of Jay and me and we discussed all the weaknesses we each had in our game at the party with great sadness. Between us, however, we have about 50 national championships, and the picture is enclosed in honor of Jack.





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  1. steve on July 31, 2012 7:34 pm

    I notice the Chair to be left handed I should have known he is in the distinct minority along with such luminaries as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

  2. david higgs on August 6, 2012 9:11 am

    They don’t make like that anymore……….


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