I haven't found it easy getting to the pitch of Surtees unusual style of play, but maybe I'm making some progress. Moves like 10 … f6 are much more suited to closed positions than those with an open e- and f-file, and I couldn't believe it when he played it. This is not to mention the very strange 9 … Qa4, and though this was probably connected with the missing 10. Qe5 followed by Bd3, the idea just shouldn't have occurred to him in such a position.

But while I'm on my high horse, I must not forget that my own addiction to the modern defense (1 … g6 against everything, every game) also created untold damage to my thinking before I kicked the habit.

The opening, incidentally, is quite interesting with 7.Qe2 being an idea of Zviagintsev that is making its appearance in 'Gambiteer' (currently being typeset). White gets two bishops and open lines for his pawn.

N - Surtees, M [B12] Heywood Quickplay,

1.d4 c6 2.e4 d5 3.f3 e6 4.Nc3 Bb4 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.bxc3
dxe4 7.Qe2 exf3 8.Nxf3 Qa5 9.Bd2 Qa4 10.Qe5 f6 11.Qg3
g6 12.Bd3 Ne7 13.0-0 Qa5 14.Qh4 0-0 15.Bh6 Rf7 16.Ne5
Nf5 [16…fxe5 17.Qxe7!] 17.Rxf5 exf5 [17…gxf5
18.Qg3+] 18.Bc4 [18.Bc4 fxe5 19.Qf6] 1-0





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