I recently wrote to my friend Bob in Hawaii. Thought he had some interesting news from Hawaii and Asian Markets: 

It's summer here which means overnight lows are 72 rather than 65. Tourism to the islands is way up this year. The big increases are in Asian tourists, with many Japanese and the Chinese market starting to boom. What it means for us, especially here in Waikiki, that the low price places are on their way out — a long-standing sports bar just closed because the tourists are now looking for more "upscale" locations. As an example, a new bistro just opened in the Halekulani Hotel; a beer is $20 (not that I drink, but still).

I've got a start in the local writer's market; I'm having a 5,000 word story published this fall in "Tales from the North Shore" and I'm hoping that will get me some exposure for publishing longer work.

Of course, the Checker Maven is still top priority.

Regards to you and family,

Bob Newell
Honolulu, Hawai`i


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