Apparently the vacation picture of Romney and wife on their jet ski is considered a campaign gaffe in a league with Kerry on his windsurfer (pic ), and almost in a league with Dukakis in his funny helmet driving that Abrams tank (pic ).

I certainly don't see it that way. Far from elitest, or Frenchy, like Kerry windsurfing, I would think jet skis much more blue collar (like snowmobiles and ATV vehicles), noisily tearing around the lake to the annoyance of elitists in the sailboats or sitting on their terraces drinking gin-and-tonics.

Perhaps it was the added fillip that blond and buff Ann Romney was driving the jet ski, doubly annoying the collectivists.

Or as the Chair would say, just the media with their now constant agenda of favoring Obama at all costs.





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  1. Wade on July 12, 2012 8:02 pm

    Dan, I respectfully disagree. You would have to be quite tone deaf to be seen on a watercraft in what appears to be, on television, like an exclusive part of the country, while your opponent is seeking to destroy your humbleness. Look at that background in the picture, nice $200K bowriders. I agree that jet skis are more “blue collar,” but in Romney’s case, only if you’re seen with them in Lake Havasu with a Corona in one hand.

  2. Ed on July 13, 2012 8:17 am

    Great observation Dan. I think the problem the media has with this image is not the Jet ski, but rather that his family is too tall, attractive, and white. Too much like what the ideals of, “the old America” used to be. It drives the media trolls with their new American vision - short, fat, swarthy and ugly - crazy.

  3. steve on July 13, 2012 10:52 am

    It is all political assassination techniques. George W would vacation to Crawford Texas and was blasted. Reagan would like to go to California and ride horses with Nancy. George HW would like to go to Maine or to Islamorada to fish. JFK would go to the Kennedy complex in Hyannis. Nixon had but one friend Bebe Rebozo who welcomed him in Miami Beach. Carter would build a house (hyperbole) Clinton would travel to whereever his wife wasn’t.

    Gary Hart preferred Yachts off the Florida coast with Donna Rice. The Name of the boat “Monkey Business.”Hypocritical congressmen would travel to South America to be with their mistresses. Barney Frank and his wife or husband (I do not know which). Take a honeymoon to a secret location.

    This President vacationss to Hawaii to Europe and other exotic places around the globe and make speeches against the 1%ers. He does it on the taxpayers back. The question is how far do you have to dig to find things.

    A single engine plane with 2 people on board crashes into a cemetary so far 200 bodies have been recovered however they expect that number to rise as search continues. News at 10

    You have to give the media credit They can find a story on a slow day like a flea can find a hound dogs back.

  4. Steve on July 13, 2012 12:06 pm

    Judge them based on what they do or what they have done, and not on what they say, how they look or where they are from.


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