(BN): "Obama Proves No Carter in Romney Linkage as Investors Favor U.S."

Let us expect many articles like this using ad hoc measures, selected starting and ending points, and forgetting that the market dropped 50% before Nov 2008 as investors anticipated victory by agrarians.

Phil McDonnell writes: 

This is a classic straw man argument. Take the worst performing President and show that Obama is only the second worst performing President.





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  1. Wade on July 10, 2012 10:49 pm

    A recurring point is that more private sector jobs were created under President Obama than during President Bush’s entire two-terms. But this cursory analysis includes the obscene 700K average monthly job losses during Q4 2008. And in fact, using modified-U6 data, incorporating the unemployed in the labor force and those working part time really wanting full time work, the current unemployment rate is roughly 14-15 percent. This “modified” statistic was never above 13 percent during President Carter’s term in office (U6 proper only began being compiled by the BLS in the 1990s).


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