These people (including Roberts) are Corporatist Globalists completely. Before yesterday I would have wagered that they would strike EVERYTHING in the bill except the mandate! The corporatist, globalist party is what unites these freaks, Kagan, Sotomayor, Roberts (just look at all of these people, that's all you really need to know anyhow if you've been walking around on this planet for at least a few decades with your eyes open. Really, look at the picture of these freaks together, then the class picture of the jox riding in The Derby. Who would you want deciding these matters? Does it matter?.

Be it Kelo, Arizona Immigratino, Affordable Care Act or any other Orwellian-monickered bill before them, the ONE thing the court invariable rules in favor of is the entities, the globalist, corporatist entities and never the individual.

I'll reiterate my case: The 21st century is not one of class struggle, but one of the struggle of the individual versus the globalist, corporatist interests. We are being ruled by our enemies.





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