The period right before a hurricane is very often a good time to surf as there is a large fetch that brings up big waves. After the storm has passed, and there are calm wind conditions, there might be waves for days after, although they are ever decreasing in size and power. Even though there is no hurricane wind forming them, there will be a left over swell. In fact, some of the best, most enjoyable surfing with great shaped waves comes from the leftovers after a hurricane.

Waves after a hurricane are generally smaller, less powerful, frequently more organized, more predictable, and better shaped then the waves before and during the hurricane. I'm curious if one can find a parallel of waves after a hurricane to the action of the markets after a cataclysmic event……Has the market shown to be more predictable in any time frame after such an event? Is there any way to reliably make such a prediction? Would the markets be more orderly? After the initial volatility has gone, is there an attenuation?





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