The Pack 720 Pinewood derby took place this morning. We had an outlier in our four times that kept our average 2/100'ds of a second from taking second in the Den. It was amazing to see the Den's times and Pack's times. For the first time in my life, I could 'visualize' distributions as they were taking place both on a macro and micro scale. I attribute the DailySpec and all of its makeup of characters for this wonderful skill!

The Den's times for win, place, and show were as follows:

Total Avg.

1st   11.95   2.9875
2nd  12.03   3.0075
3rd   12.05   3.0125 (Jacob Holley)

Jacob improved from fourth last year to take home a trophy. He's so happy and ecstatic that I had to calm him down. That average included a 3.08 outlier as well with the other times coming in at 2.98, 2.96, 3.03. Lane two of the four lanes made all the difference in everyone's outcomes, being the most difficult lane, and the one that slowed everyone down.

The theory that proved to be a bit confusing for me was the advice I took for granted! The weight distribution of the car either had to be one of three things:

Forward - pulling effect rear - pushing effect middle - balanced

We were told that forward placement of weight added gave a nice pulling effect that was better out of the gate and down the long runway. It actually wasn't though and the rear placement cars pulled ahead on those runways. First and second both had rear placement whereas Jacob's had forward placement.

Aerodynamics plays no part it seems, and weight placement seems to be key.

I'm proud that the boys won the Den award for best average time of 3.12! A bowling/pizza party is the reward. We were the only one to issue an incentive if they won and we took it by a landslide, second being 3.85 seconds.

It was great to see 30 plus kids hugging the rail in anticipation to watch their cars come down the track to the finish line. There were fists pumping and two inch vertical leaps when they won their heats! This was an amazing experience.





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