Anyone who is into horse racing may want to keep an eye on a truly impressive mare, Black Caviar, who is unbeaten in 21 starts. Just got off the plane in England after traveling from Australia for the Group One Diamond Jubilee at Royal Ascot on June 23. If I was in the old dart I know where i would be heading on that date.

Follow Up:

22 from 22. Another win for Black Caviar at Royal Ascot. But there's a trading lesson in there. A different length straight, and changing time zones (horse lacked a bit of zip), almost saw the jockey blow it, as he eased up 200 m from the line, and almost got swamped. Beware complacency in different environments under changing conditions. Even elementary apprentice errors, can still plague you, even when your well experienced. The little things, like this , were probably the last of the jockeys concerns before the big race, but were almost his ruin. 





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