(With hat tips to Shinya's work and promotion of fermented vegetables, the previous posts on sauerkraut, Mr. Sogi's kimchi recipes, and the recent increase in number of articles on the human gut bacteria).

I recently read this great article about the Lost Art of Fermentation and Katz's Deli.

Katz's journey to fermentation missionary from food novice began in a little Jerusalem of microbially enhanced delicacies: New York City's Upper West Side. Jewish cuisine is littered with the handiwork of invisible bacteria working their magic: pickles, challah, sauerkraut, salami, Sabbath wine. When Katz was a kid, Zabar's, the legendary food emporium on Broadway, was a critical feature of his food landscape — the place where barrels of crunchy, pungent pickles were always at the ready.

Here is a link to Katz's New Book (he has lots of free info too on his website)

And the latest issue of Nature is out and like Science this journal is featuring articles on human microbiome research.

Makes you want to run to Walmart and pick up some quart-size pickling jars and give it a try.





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