Last night's Stanley Cup final game illustrated the Chair's point about diversion of energy. Having lost the first three games of the best-of-7 final to the Los Angeles Kings, the New Jersey Devils won two games and could have tied the series with a victory last night. Early in the game, the Kings' Jarret Stoll put a late hit on the Devils' Steven Gionta from behind and went unpenalized. Seconds later, the Kings' Rob Scuderi retrieved the puck. After Scuderi passed the puck to a teammate, the Devils' Steve Bernier hit Scuderi late from behind, drawing blood. The officials threw the book at Bernier, assessing a 5-minute penalty and ejecting Bernier from the game. During the 5-minute penalty, the Kings scored three goals. The television announcers noted that the Devils' coach and players were furious at the officials for the gross inconsistency in responding to the two late hits. And, it seemed, the Devils had a valid point. Nevertheless, they went on to lose the game, 6-1.


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