Weather, from Jim Sogi

June 10, 2012 |

 Weather is a big factor in the success of a ski mountaineering expedition. Weather goes in cycles in large systems moving from west to east due to the rotation of the earth. The weather systems take a week, sometimes less ,sometimes more to play out. The coriolis effect causes the systems to spin and striate, often resulting in pulses of weather, creating small systems of mild rain or snow. Sometimes major systems blow for a week or more. When the weather is adverse its very important to have the ability, patience and time to sit out the bad weather and wait for good weather for your activity. Its bad to head into deteriorating bad weather. You could get caught in a life threatening situation.

The parallels to trading are many. The energy moves from West to East as the trading day moves from Europe, to Asia to the US. The market moves seem to have cycles moving in a week, sometimes in pulses, sometimes in severe moves. Its good to have a count on the current patterns. Its good to know when to sit out, and to have to ability to sit. Its one of the hardest things. Its good to have other things to do other than sit and watch a screen which can be harmful in many ways. Some of my best trades have been when I've taken off to go for a ski or surf for a day rather than brood over the screen. You come back refreshed, and hopefully with a nice profit for a day outside for a doubly rewarding day. I remember seeing the Chair in the middle of a huge trade out playing tennis… classic.





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