Kona, Hawaii is a small town and usually lags behind the rest of the country in booms and busts. We've had a bad bust here the last few years, but this month was the best month ever for tourism numbers and spending. Looking around the little town is bustling. The increased population is evident in a wider divergence of classes of tourist is notable in more bums and pan handlers who tend to stick out. This leads to the broader conclusion that despite the problems in EU and issues being harped on in news, there is a recovery occurring. I even had an employed carpenter trying to rent. He was one of over 20 applicants at a 20% higher rent for a unit I had trouble renting a few years back.

When the market was touching negative territory last week, it didn't sound right that the year would end up negative. The president and other flexions have too much to lose at this juncture to let it go negative. Plus, there was all the public who bought the spring bull run all going underwater getting cleared out.





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