One has read the book Smart Choices for Successful Life by Abilio Diniz, the founder and CEO of a chain of hypermarkets in Brazil. He sold his interest for 800 million in 2002 and was ranked as one of wealthiest persons in the world with net worth of 4 billion by Forbes.

He was kidnapped in 1989, on the day of the election and the two Canadians that masterminded it, hoping to gain money for the sandinistas were deported to Canada. The conservatives won the election that day because of the kidnapping. He's written a self help guide. The main elements in it are diet and exercise and love. He follows Covey's 7 principles of success and is big on time management. He recommends eating 5 meals a day, and combining training, stretching and aerobics in every exercise session.

He is a man of faith and gets up at 5:30 every morning for some vigorous exercise with his wife. Testimonials from his kids and wife appear in the book. They are all triathlon and squash players. There is very little scientific but much anecdotal evidence in the book. He runs his business on love and happiness for his employees and customers. It is worth reading to learn these universal principles.





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