Here is a poem I wrote in the style of Gertrude Stein from the perspective of a heart implant patient:

Do I need an implant? Do I really need it? Really need it? What else can I do? Is there something else I can do? You can do? Can I go without it? Without one? One or two? Three for the price of two? What will happen if I do? If I do? And if I don't? What will happen? What will happen in my life? What will happen to my wife? Will we never live in strife? If I do?

When you do how will it feel? Will it hurt? Will I hurt? Will I end with a red shirt? Will my mouth hurt like your back? Will your bones stay in a stack? Will my drivey sex a lack? Can something happen and go wrong? Will I go missing or write a song? Might we start short but end up long?

Tell me now the total cost. What will gain and what gets lost? Each and every piece and part. Throw them in and note your chart! How much will insurance cover? Bill the rest to my old mother.

I think I'll schedule my appointment. (Over and over to your bifointment) In between get more opinions. From sleek Iranians who aren't your minions. They'll tell me this will save my heart. Round and round a healing art.


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