It is remarkable to see the extent to which the interests of the market are now considered impotent with the interests of the top feeders who have unlimited capital and live off the service revenues of the forgotten men directly or once removed these days.

Whenever a threat to one country remaining in the EC, or any threat to an increase in service revenues occurs, (deficit reduction is now a code word for increasing service revenues on the rich), the market goes down. Is this a syndrome of man's willingness to go into slavery with a sigh, or part of the Stockholm syndrome?

One notes that stocks have gone down continuously through 3 fifties in S&P without a rise from above 1400 to 1350 to below 1300, what I call a negative sequence of length, a very rare event only 3 times previously in last 8 years. And that there have been repeated 20 day lows starting out with a rise, again not having happened since 2009 and 2008 when it occurred twice a year. The two things above are related.





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