An extremely low ranked golfer just shot a 55 on a 6698 yard par 71 course. The score of 55 matches a record set in 1962 and some are claiming it to be a world record because this course is a bit longer and is a par 71 vs a par 70 in the 1962 record. The golfer, Rhein Gibson, also shot a course record of 60 earlier this month at the same course in Oklahoma.

I wonder if Gibson has the course so dialed in that his scores are reflecting his familiarity with the course? After all, he did make 12 birdies and 2 eagles and played a virtually flawless game. Is this real or is it a fluke and this golfer is merely the equivalent of a Bob Beamon long jump in Mexico City? I wonder if there is any similarity with this golfer and his game to traders who "know" their markets like this golfer obviously knows his home course. If not, why?





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  1. Craig on May 21, 2012 11:42 am

    Really low scores seems to be a lot of factors but doesn’t always mean you’re the best golfer. Course setup and ideal conditions are huge. Overcast conditions with no wind are great. The low score at Augusta National isn’t by a pro. Jeff Knox shot 61 a few years back from the members’ tees. A large number of rounds seems to be important. My brother had 5 or 6 aces as a kid, because we played all the time. 36-hole days were minimal and got up to as many as 81 holes. We could play nine holes in 45min to an hour, so often would do that after eating supper. It takes an hour just to get to the golf course in many places. Having the few obstacles and destractions are important. Where we grew up, even the baseball team liked playing golf. We had two courses for 10,000 people. It helps when most of your friends have the same interest.

  2. steve on May 21, 2012 11:52 am

    I examined his scorecard and it seems as though he achieved such score with a par on one of the par 5’s and he parred the first two holes meaning he shot 16 uunder for 16 holes. I would be very interested in his explanation of such events and I would also like to hear from his opponents. Other than that, there is no earthly explanation as to how such an event can occur. It can happen but it is mind numbing to consider such a likelihood. Interesting fact is that Homero Blancas shot a 55 and although a very respectable golfer not a true great name. There have been 5 59’s recorded on the PGA tour as follows Al Geiberger 1977 Chip Beck 1991 David Duval 1999 Paul Goydos 2010 and Stuart Appleby 2010

    With respect to hole- in - ones Art Wall Jr. had 46 hole in ones in his lifetime and Mancil Davis(who?) has had 51 plus 10 double eagles That is the PGA record.

    It seems to be that thisis just one more fantastic event that must go on unexplained.

  3. steve on May 21, 2012 12:24 pm

    Upon further review of his scorecard This is a really strange golf course especially for a par 71. There were 4 par 5’s 5par 3’s and 9 par 4’s. A standard 71 would be 3 par 5’s 4 par 3’s and 11 par 4’s

    Now Rhein played the par 5’s in 5 under 2 eagles a birdie and a par.

    Par 3’s he played them 4 under.

    Par 4’s he played them 7 under

    And his scorecard was 29 out and 26 in. The scorecard is 35 out and 36 in.

    I suspect the true par for this course is somewhere around 68 or 69 the rated par is 72 and the slope is 124 from the 6600 yards distance.

  4. steve on May 22, 2012 10:41 am

    You brought up Bob Beamon a subject I am familiar with. Beamon in 1968 Mexico City leapt so far that he almost went out of the sand pit. He came to the Olympics with a personal best of 27′4″ and the favorite to win.

    That day he set a world record of 29′2 1/2″. Nearly two feet longer than his personal best. It was by all accounts a homeric achievement due to a confluence of factors including atmosphere and ft above sea level. The record stood until 1991 when Mike Powell bettered the mark to 29′ 4 1/2 inches. The record still stands to this day. Interesting fact is the same day that Powell set the world record Carl Lewis set the world record but it was not allowed due to wind conditions. The competiton that day is the greatest duel of any sort in any event in history. The record still stands to this day. Although Lewis technically jumped a world record aided he never held the world record.

    As for golf the most important factor are the conditions of the greens. A well mowed, rolled , meticulously maintained and flat green means low scores period. Compound it by length. 6600 in todays world is a meaningless length because the average length of drives are 20 yards longer than they were 10 years ago. During my heyday I was considered long and my drives were 250-270. Today drives are 290-320. Bubba Watson leads that category at 315. I watched Gary Player in 1980 on 18 at Firestone hit driver 3 iron Today that hole is 490 yards dogleg downhill then uphill to the green and I saw Woods play it Driver Wedge. Courses on tour are now 7200 as in last week to 7500 The Olympic Course site of the US Open will boast a 670 yard par five. If the fairway is mowed away from you it adds rolling distance and if there is no rough it is bombs away.

    So the point has been made. Take nothing away from the youth he still had to can all the putts so that says something. I am not sure how much.

  5. BondDweeb on May 22, 2012 10:59 am

    I think he knows how to hit the ball as well.


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