An extremely low ranked golfer just shot a 55 on a 6698 yard par 71 course. The score of 55 matches a record set in 1962 and some are claiming it to be a world record because this course is a bit longer and is a par 71 vs a par 70 in the 1962 record. The golfer, Rhein Gibson, also shot a course record of 60 earlier this month at the same course in Oklahoma.

I wonder if Gibson has the course so dialed in that his scores are reflecting his familiarity with the course? After all, he did make 12 birdies and 2 eagles and played a virtually flawless game. Is this real or is it a fluke and this golfer is merely the equivalent of a Bob Beamon long jump in Mexico City? I wonder if there is any similarity with this golfer and his game to traders who "know" their markets like this golfer obviously knows his home course. If not, why?





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