I'm wondering why Jamie Dimon is so popular with the media.

He's always treated with kid gloves.

Even today's $2 billion was referred to as a "rare black eye".

Is he married to a black woman? Or gay?

Or have some other fact in his background that leads to his being treated as such a good guy?

I'm so out of things I have no idea what's going on here.

Victor Niederhoffer writes: 

The more one thinks about it, the more that one believes that Dimon and Buffett have the same hallmarks that make them beloved by the intellectuals and the media. What those hallmarks are, I can't put my finger on exactly. Perhaps it's a zacharian, "your own man says that you must be low".

Anonymous writes: 

It's what I call the no-bullshit bullshit factor. Americans like leaders who say, "The buck stops here. And I screwed up." Buffett took a 300+ million dollar whack on some energy bonds that collapsed. And he stood up and took the blame. And no one blinked. He does that regularly. I think the press likes to hear people stand up and say, "I screwed up. I was wrong. I take responsibility. This was bad and stupid." There are countless examples of this in politics, sports, commerce, etc. They don't like people like Audrey McClendon who say things like "I apologize." But who never stand up and say, "The buck stops here and I was wrong."

Victor Niederhoffer adds: 

One doesn't admit "I was wrong" when there are likely to be lawsuits as this wouldn't seem very good to a jury when defending yourself against damages. There must be an exemption from civil and regulatory liability for such activities in support of the greater good here that enables one to take blame for such "egregious" behavior and at the same time get it past your lawyers. 

Laurel Kenner writes: 

The Administration needs a whipping boy, and Lloyd was tired of the job. Anyway, Dimon likes harpooning whales in a highly public, loss-producing way. Remember what happened when he announced to the world that he would be liquidating Salomon's book. Call him Ahab.

Victor Niederhoffer writes: 

Perhaps he serves as a depository and station stop in the revolving door for former flexionic officials when they need money in various forms. Also, as a symbol of the trillions of bail out moneys that were taken away from the forgotten man, and given to the banks to invest in such useful activities as synthetic credit derivatives at the CIO's office (note the symbolic name sort of like showing the tv showing bush war activity while beggars starve on tv during a movie to show you're a fellow traveler), he must be shown to be Holier than the Pope to symbolize the verisimiliture, the halcyon nature of the transfer of the trillions and the reason for the lack of jobs.

Rocky Humbert writes: 

Folks, we can debate the politics, but don't miss the macroeconomics here. If they had done this by making a few hundred billion in new loans, people (but perhaps not the shareholders) would applaud (at first).But if they do the same trade by buying the CDX index, it confuses people. But it's really the same thing. Therefore, I think it's a multi-dimensional cognitive dissonance. Between the people who want the banks to loan. And the people who don't want them to use derivatives. And the people who hate Jamie Dimon. And the people who love Jamie Dimon. And the fact that as a multiple of price/tangible book value, their stock is among the most expensive money center bank. Lastly, the 10Q says that if the yield curve steepens by 100 basis points, their 12 month pretax earnings go up by $549 million. And, their credit losses made a new cycle low.





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  1. steve on May 11, 2012 7:02 pm

    It is easy to explain Buffetts attractiveness. He has this corn pone “aw shucks” persona that he has crafted through 60 years of practce. Sam Walton is another great example of this. John Templeton was the originator of this technique. They understand the media and use them. Buffett says crap like “I am so lucky to have so much money and I feel guilty to have to pay such a small amount in taxes.” “Please raise the tax rate to force me to send more money into the Government. He plays a ukelele ad his lemmings sit across him like he is St. Francis of Assisi. Or they view him as the great sage like Forrest Gump. “Wait I think he is getting ready to say something.” Forrest Gump ” I am tired now I think I am going home.”

    Sam Walton would drive to work in a worn out pick-up truck. And People would say “Isn’t he just wonderful.”

    These guys remind me in large part of Bobby Bowden legendary College Football Coach. He would sit across the table from some recruit and use his Jed Clampett “I am just a simple man who only wants the best for your son.” And the parents buy the bullshit that he is spreading around.

    People always need someone to look up to to admire some hero that they wish to dream about.

    Liberals love George Clooney Why? I don’t know other than women think he is sexy and somehow they like to think that given the chance that Clooney would pick them out of a crowd and tell them that he desires them and wants them as his soul mate.

    We live in a very synthetic and processed world where Public relations trumps all else.

    As for Jaime Dimon maybe women think he is sexy and desirous. Who the hell knows.


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