Walking, from James Sogi

May 7, 2012 |

 Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Better yet is walking uphill which causes higher cardio rates, and even better yet is climbing up mountains. Running seems to cause many injuries. The recent book, Born to Run, is an interesting look into running injuries caused by modern running shoes.

There is a move to more flexible or barefoot type shoes for running. A number of years ago, Carlos Castaneda wrote of the high involved in walking long distances. 20 minutes of walking is good, but it can easily be done for 6 hours. New Yorkers appear trimmer due to more walking than their western counterparts who drive everywhere.

The car culture is destroying the walking. Walking is very meditative and relaxing, healthy, safe, cheap. Highly recommended. Good shoes, a hat and a walking stick are helpful. Its good to bring some water on a belt or hydration pack.

Alan Millhone writes: 

Hello Mr. Sogi,

My late friend Dr. Tinsley loved to take very long walks. I carried his magnetic checker board and as we walked he would chat with me and play blindfold Checkers. He was trim and in very good shape to play at tournaments and matches for long grueling hours. I miss him.




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