Anyone who has dined in Singapore's fabulous cheap eateries may be interested in these numbers.

"Secret Roast-Pork Recipe Tests Value of Real Estate":

How much is a recipe worth? About $1.8 million, according to the owner of Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint , who boosted the sale price of her Singapore eatery by that amount when she put it on the market this year.Betty Kong and her husband want S$3.5 million ($2.8 million) for their 60-plastic-stool establishment, a premium over the S$1.25 million assessed value of the site. The price includes the property, their recipe for roasting duck, pork ribs and crispy pig skin as well as other Cantonese-style classics, plus three months of cooking lessons

The Roast Meat Joint generates sales of around S$2,000 a day, she said, or S$620,000 annually, assuming it’s shut one day a week and three days for Lunar New Year holidays. Profit margin is 60 percent, according to her broker Raymond Lo at Knight Frank LLP. The asking price is 5.6 times annual sales, compared with the 1.1 multiple for the Singapore benchmark

Straits Times Index. (FSSTI) It would take six years to recoup the recipe premium.

Larry Williams responds:

Food costs are 20% in the best run restaurants so the 60% profit cannot include labor, overhead etc. No way

Black pepper crab in Singapore is one of the worlds greatest dishes.


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