Is Profit an Event or a Process?

Is Loss an Event or a Process?

Is a Trade an Event or a Process?

Is Price an Event or a Process?

Is Chance an Event or a Process?

This list may become never ending. So let me begin with these only and seek answers to some equally important questions.

If these are processes then, what events are we experiencing ever?

If these are events, then seperatedness of any one type, with another event of the same type being time, is time a process?

So then observation being central to identifying an event, is time a process or is time an event?

If time is neither a process, nor an event, then what is time?





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  1. dvdw on March 30, 2012 5:04 pm

    A variable within which your processs may unfold, retreat or do nothing at all.

    Time Shapes Capital… accurate for all investor action and thus all prices are artifacts, of prevailing systems intent.

  2. Sixty2nds on April 1, 2012 1:14 am

    Profit or Loss is an outcome.

    A trade is an event

    Success and Failure are a result of process and chance.

    Price is an opinion.
    It is always worth what you paid for it.
    That makes it an artifact.


    Time is …
    Somebody asks me “how’s it going?”

    It goes.
    Then poof!
    It is used up.

    Nobody knows how many quarters are in the meter.

    Incentives shape capital.

    Process is simply method.

  3. Chauncey Farquar on April 1, 2012 1:17 am

    Process, being a dynamic entity, requires time for realization, the event. Observation is a snapshot of the continuum at a particular point in time, not necessarily at the manifestation of the event. At such mistimes, the invocation of chance seems quite appropriate to define the experience and provide the well earned profit or loss at the whimsy of price.

  4. Rakesh Kalra FCA on April 8, 2012 1:20 am

    3. Trading advisory
    Bears and Bulls slugging it out. There are literally thousands of intelligent, well-informed professional investors actively searching for mispriced securities. Since upon finding them, these professionals trade and thereby affect prices, it may be that the security prices at any given time reflect the collective wisdom of those who trade in them. In others words, the open interest at any given time is collective wisdom or stupidity of all those sitting on the See-Saw!! One of these faction, either bull or bear, is always wrong.

    What happens in market is combination of Benford’s Law, Murphy’s Law and Godwin’s Law

    This piece is for Mr. Sushil Kedia.


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