The likelihood Entergy will win the war against the State is low. The state can easily demonstrate they do not need the power and therefore it is not in the public's interest to issue the "certificate of public good."

This is a two-front war. New York is trying to shutter Entergy's Indian Point nuclear plant using similar tactics. The NYS is using new environmental laws to claim Entergy's plant is out of compliance and incapable of receiving a license extension:

Entergy Corp won another victory in its quest to keep the Vermont
Yankee nuclear power plant operating for another 20 years when a federal
judge again blocked the state from shutting the 40-year old reactor -
this time over a spent fuel issue.

full article from Reuters

Pitt T. Maner III writes: 

Here is a photograph of the plant . Article states close to 1/3 of Vermont power for 40 yrs. generated by Yankee plant.

It's interesting to note that > 50% of the 104 US nuclear power plants are over 30 years old and many are bumping up on 40 year permit renewal.

Would natural gas or coal-fired plants replace Yankee?





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  1. F L Light on March 25, 2012 12:26 am

    To master nuclear metallurgy those
    Of serious expertise no danger gloze.

    Fission, restrained exactly, will not fail
    Technicians who reactions countervail.

    Ebullient, nuclear boilers, at full steam
    On turbines acting, cause a voltage stream.

  2. Mark Candon on March 26, 2012 8:25 pm

    Vermont was long ago taken over by liberal activists. It was a Republican state for a century. Then, Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean, the Bread & Puppet Theatre, and the J school media gang moved in and took it over and it’s become a Lefty State Park since 1984.
    There’s a Rutland Herald reporter from Brattleboro who has spent her entire career of trying to close down Yankee. Writing a negative piece virtually every day for over three decades!l
    If these busybody planners succeed in shuttering Yankee, Vermont’s electric costs will become so high we are virtually guaranteed future economic collapse. It freezes here from September to May. Most of us heat with oil. We have huge welfare programs and high taxes. Last week some public school teachers almost went on strike. The state government and legislature is chock full of useful idiots. Why do you think gay marriage legislation originated in Vermont?
    Some of us natives are stuck here. It’s been a great place to raise kids, but those days are numbered.

  3. Ed on March 27, 2012 2:43 pm

    Mark, unless the demographics change VT should continue to be a pleasant, beautiful place to live. Sure, the economy might become a bit more depressed but not much worse than that. Woe is the day they start importing large amounts of african “refuges” or something similar. Then it will truly be time to leave.


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