I said that great breakthroughs often come from extensions and innovations at the borders of two fields and that you could learn more about markets from checkers than you could from most of the books. I believe that it is significant that after two changes in coaches, Portland went from down 42 against the Knicks a win over league leading Chicago and Knicks won two in a row being up 30 or more in both games. The new coaches are humble. The other teams let up. Portland and the Knicks played harder. The other teams weakened their guard. Okay, how can this be turned into profit in markets at the borders or other fields?

Craig Mee writes: 

Just like Bacon, Victor, and pulling up a nag, if not an easy win on the minnow races, possibly flexions allow notes to come to them in the days before payrolls, without driving home the advantage to early. Get the size on, and let the numbers (and seasonals ) do their work…





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  1. Russ Sears on March 19, 2012 3:07 pm

    It would seem that the old coaches system was based on philosophical principals which did not match his returning starters talent. How else can you explain a 7-0 run with Lin, and then a 2-8 with the returning star. Followed by the 2 blow-out wins. It took the “thinking” out of the players hands. It was designed to make the coach able to take the credit for a “win” but the “talent” take the blame for a “loss”.

    One is reminded of the old communist system where central planning was all based on “principal” rather than what actually motivates using talent and productive working people, not the political elite.

    Does this have some lessons for a “fairer” tax system, company bailouts and flexionism ?

  2. vic on March 20, 2012 8:02 pm

    He was a terrible motivator. his sicilain smug deprecating sardonic smile at the mischief of the others. He never once berated a player . but it was the system that prevented the players from playing defense because in order to shoot offense in 7 seconds they had to give up any semblance of order in scrambing bak, nor did they have the motivation to get rebounds as some gunnger was going to shoot it in or out and why bother to rush bak to the other court when everythings hit or miss like the baseball trend followers system. vic

  3. douglas roberts dimick on March 23, 2012 12:13 am

    /////Do not publish… Hi V, I am close on completing coding of order execution component. Should do final sim trade by next week. Keep you posted. dr/////////////////////////////////////

    A Fault (or Flat) Line of Profits Bordering The Two Worlds of Economics and Politics in China

    Yesterday evening, walking along Nanjing Road here in Shanghai with a post-graduate student en route to give a Toastmasters presentation, I commented that there was a lot of uniformed police and security patrolling. Why?

    The president of one of my classes this past second trimester, Frank responded that the national assembly in Beijing had just adjourned with “a lot of troubles” being the cause for the heightened police state presence here. What was the rationale?

    BEIJING (AP) — Wen Jiabao, entering his final year as China’s premier, called Wednesday for vague political reforms to forestall chaos and solidify growth as the nation’s legislature approved a budget aiming to boost domestic consumption in the face of weak demand for exports.


    NOTE: I had to jump China’s Great Wall (preventing us here in the Mainland from accessing the world’s free and uncensored Internet) to access the cited article.

    In effect, all the police on the street here was a “show of force” among the laobans (or Communist party bosses) in Shanghai. Like criminal gangs of a given neighborhood, local provincial politicians were feeling emasculated from central government leaders rationalizing the need for political reforms to implement needed economic reforms. How now?

    This morning, my email news reads…

    So China does it again? Flash PMI (Purch Managers Index) stays below 50 (signaling contraction) - actually comes in at 48.1 vs. 49.7 (prior) - marking the 5th consecutive month of contraction and the and the 1st decline from prior readings in 4 months. This only supports the China slowing down argument, causing a convulsion in global mkts yet again this morning.


    Although my next observation here is that of a layman, not quantified by the rigors of macro or micro economic analysis, that said, I maintain that Communist China’s economy has been on the slide down for the past two years. The who, where, and when of this fault line in the “China Miracle” since occurring may be discovered a la Victor’s recent reference to the phenomenon of varying fields of human endeavor, such as here with evincing a “cause and effect” relativity between the input and output between two given states (such as with central government evolution and economic devolution).

    It may be said that sports and politics share a common symbiosis of three key elements operating within both fields. Chinese students are crazy for basketball; like America’s youth at the lower strata of the social-economic scale, basketball provides an inexpensive and publicly supported venue to excel and entertain comparable to one’s sense of commitment and passion to profit as an individual within a team environment.

    When asked, I teach basketball here in China based on three primary lessons as the underlying pillars supporting the dynamics of the game itself: position, passing, and teamwork. Skipping Basketball 101 here, suffice it to say that a student can learn how states of winning and losing in basketball equate to input (or position) and output (passing) to effect state transitions and changes in teamwork.

    In effect, China’s premier, now in the final year of his formal political life, is all consumed with his legacy. Moreover, there is “the truth” of the country’s social-economic end game that commenced with the free world awarding China in 2001 with the 2008 Olympic Games.

    Case in point is how the recent World Bank report (China 2030) delineates that fault line where Chinese government monopolization of its economy is a loser for Chinese people and the global markets.


    As an English teacher, one sees such reverberations in the classroom among students who are not being trained to either think independently or develop creative and imaginative approaches to individual and collective challenges facing China and the world at large. Although students often become nationalistically defensive upon my highlighting the issue, once emotional “bannerism” recedes from the conversation, there is a likewise almost uniform acknowledgement of the problem…

    How long can the coach guide the team to victory by simultaneously playing the game for the players?



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