You have to hand it to the market mistress. After 45 days without a 1 % decline, it came in with the 2% decline, after two down days, just when you wouldn't have expected it in a blue moon, and once having breached the magic 50 as was necessary, went back to the old highs faster than cool papa himself turning off the lights. Totally beautiful with the least effort to use the Greek news over and over to force the weak bottom feeders to contribute so much more than they have to =, to pay the top people, as if their flexionic winnings and hand outs were not enough to offset this weak card again.





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  1. douglas roberts dimick on March 13, 2012 8:33 pm

    Wake Up

    It is time for Americans to begin again producing goods not just services. Unions should either convert or form trade associations with chapter members to own startup manufactures of goods now sold in WalMart unfairly produced in China.

    There is no fair trade only free trade, meaning that Americans have been giving away jobs for free so corporate flexians may maximize shareholder value with wider profit margins.

    We noted that yesterday – China saw its largest trade deficit in 23 yrs (yes 1989). Their exports plummeted by some 23%. Essentially – China is exporting less and importing more. Brazil reports its first trade deficit in one year: Europe and Japan are in a recession – nothing new there and the US reports a fairly large trade deficit.


    Time to wake up and smell the production line… fight to take back production jobs even if it means boycotting Walmart and other retailers.


  2. Roger Tompkins on April 25, 2012 1:03 am

    I must say something re: dr’s comment.

    DR is correct. We must again start to produce consumer goods. If we as a society, community, cannot produce the simple things we require to live comfortably we should be ashamed and be prepared to pay whatever it takes to acquire those things from others.

    Meantime we’ve made China a partner in our lives, as we’ve made Taiwan and Japan, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Russia and quite a few others, partners in our lives.

    That’s reality. We’ve done that. That’s good.

    We are a major exporter of everything but consumer goods.

    We are the second largest exporter on the planet (second only to China, and not by much). We gave up manufacturing most consumer goods but we can get it back in a heart beat. Were I fifteen years younger I’d show you how quickly a factory employing 300 people could be assembled and run at full tilt. Or 600 or a thousand. Not difficult.

    Someone will do this, someone will start this. Someone will start a massive move and then it’ll become a piece of our good history.

    I think soon.

    No need to boycott anyone or anything. I’m with you — Smell the Production Line!

    And as we speak there are entrepreneurs out there who are getting a whiff.


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