The fondness for writing being inherited from my mother, who wrote the Town & Country column for the Maine Sunday Telegram, a sense of condolence with reporting the death just four days ago of Dmitri is sped by having had the privilege of his company and conversation during his once seasonal sojourns in Palm Beach as the famed son of Vladimir Nabokov. (News , News ).

Dmitri possessed that gift of understanding art forms in a grandness of range beyond what most of us experience at constricted when not linear levels of existence. He was a master of craft be it racing offshore power boats or training his skills in literary criticism. The seminal steward of his father’s writings, he excelled in parallel lives from his career as an opera singer to competing with collectable examples of automotive precision.

Central to these passions as a gentleman – and consistent with classical notions a la Castiglione – were his celebrated, sometimes published observations in matters concerning love of women, song, and literature. Dmitri was, as in his operatic performances, I am told, demonstrative of the classical lover, exhibiting a hue and brilliance with both languages and the physicality of motion.

Mr. Nabokov also revealed a mercurial sense of utility. Most celebrated perhaps was his recent decision to publish (on my birthday of November 17, 2009) his father’s unfinished, final title, “The Original of Laura” – admittedly reported by the son as being against his father’s wishes. And here D and I shared the common divergence of both having disregarded parental counsel to pursue careers in law; to this day appears his 6’5” frame bent by affront of the notion recalled in our conversation how it would be no less, no more than purgatory to spend one’s life dealing with “other peoples’ problems” when we were quite enthralled with generating our own individual digressions so found and to be humored in daily life.

For the past several years, Dmitri had struggled with physical challenges; ones that often tested his mental capacities. Yet, as with his now final call to the curtain, Dmitri Nabokov remains a life’s talent that not only elevates his father’s legacy but will lean forward with immortal-like speed that persuasion of the human spirit shared amongst us all in remembrance of him.





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  1. D. R. Dimick on September 17, 2017 8:41 am

    Climate Change for Mark to Market

    Returning from China to Dallas to Florida to Salt Lake City to the Black Hills since my last article now 5 years ago, one hears how a constant indicator observed and discussed is weather patterns.

    My sister lives in Houston next to the park near Memorial Drive and Crestwood. She and her hub and my age 13 nephew remain safe and dry in their home. Yet could not help but mention to her (again) how Dallas is projected to be the new ocean front once all the ice melts and our oceans are 200 feet higher.

    2 Degrees = 200 feet…

    My business partner lives in Jacksonville. He has over 50 years in trading and investment banking. Two tours in Vietnam, he knows bull from bally-hoo to interpretation of a quarterly.

    When we began the climate change conversation about the time I moved to China in 2006, we were discussing 80-100 years-out time frames. Now? He says they are bailing (pun intended) and divesting out of holdings in Florida “soon enough.” Why wait for em to get inside the wires?

    A recent National Geographic re-airing of “Two Degrees” indicates 25 years will be the timeline from which we can now mark to market for both real estate and financial investments.

    For instance, a family that lost it all — I mean all — to Madoff finally lost the Palm Coast beach house first of this year at a #2.2m foreclosure. Zillow estimates it at $1.46m — and they’re known for seller-oriented valuation algo’s.

    It is noted: “Problems can arise when the market-based measurement does not accurately reflect the underlying asset’s true value. This can occur when a company is forced to calculate the selling price of these assets or liabilities during unfavorable or volatile times, such as a financial crisis. For example, if the liquidity is low or investors are fearful, the current selling price of a bank’s assets could be much lower than the actual value. The result would be a lowered shareholders’ equity.”

    What if we value the asset BEFORE the impending crisis… prior to Florida becomes land under water… in our lifetime?

    2 lots flank the Palm Coast mansion, each on the market for some $700k. Yet construction cost of the subject property’s 5 bedroom, 6 bath with elevator home was $2M+. So…

    How to mark valuation of the market price of this real estate accordingly?

    It has depreciated 1/3 in value of the 2005 mortgage note and ½ in original sale value. Assuming (a) 200 feet divided by 20 years (but for the hypothesized last 5 years) and (b) the property is in the flood zone at 5 feet >= sea level, then a 10 foot rise at waterfront could be realized by the end of this decade.

    Wonder what the bank is thinking after the foreclosure auction left it with no takers at reserve?

    I am reminded…

    When did Moses build the Ark?

    Before the rain…

    Before the ran.



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