The other day while sitting in the local coffee shop I came across a thin volume of poetry, laying lonely on a shelf. I began leafing through it, and was so taken by three of the efforts, I copied them down on a napkin.

Written by somebody named Joe Connor, they were love poems, each composed in a brief and uncomplicated fashion.

The first one, Love Poet, I liked because of the seashell metaphor. Verse is an underappreciated art form. Perhaps because, like seashells, at times there seems like there's so much of the stuff around we take for granted the individual charms. Having never been neither, one still gets the unmistakable impression that both poets and seashells can be lonely incarnations at times.

The second one, Bind Me, I liked because of the delightfully simple rhyming scheme: ABCB. In writing, technical technique can be somewhat obtrusive at time; in writing verse, it can be fatal. Simple is sublime.

Mr. Connor's third selection here, Good Bye, I also enjoyed. It's good. It's brutal to behold….but it's good. Love is a contact sport, sometimes you take a hit. Sounds like he must have taken one at some point.

Given the spirit and theme of the day hopefully somebody may enjoy these three poems I serendipitously came across as much as I did.

– Love Poet

To be a poet
Is to spend your life as a seashell
will hold close enough
to hear the beating of their own heart.

–  Bind Me

Bind me to your kisses
Tie me to your sighs,
Chain me to your passions,
Lock me to your eyes.

Let us live a thousand years
As close as lovers do,
Clinging to this flower of life,
Like orbs of mourning dew.

Then if in ten hundred years
Our embrace doth chance to break,
Yeah, …only for a single breath,
And then our arms remake.

– Good Bye

When you left me that note
Saying you were leaving,
Tucked so carefully in my sleeve
I almost died.
You would be back, you said
Perhaps, but not to wait

The caustic glue of love
Will hold me for some time
Yet an acid anger churns my every touch

It was you who said
I had my foot in too many worlds.
I would have preferred some anesthesia
Before the amputation.


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