Dear Chair,

I received this letter from my friend's Orthodox priest. I thought it might give you some light on the problems in Greece. 

Theophane, kali mera!

As much as it pains me to read the news and see the photos from Greece, one must remember a few things:

1. Have you ever thought why so many Greeks left and still leave the country?

2. Do you know how corrupt the Government and the public service was and still is?

3. Do you remember that those who demonstrated and vandalised yesterday were the ones who elected those politicians they now curse?

4. Do you remember that these same people accepted the money from the European Union and in fact hundreds of them sent false statistical data to the EU in order to get more money?

5. Do you know that after the death of historical communism Greece is the only country in the world with more than six communist political parties?

6. Remember one thing: Greeks are never wrong; it is always somebody elses's fault!!! So today it is the fault of the European Union, the French and the Germans. Before them it was the Americans' fault. Before it was the English. Before it was the Turks. NEVER , NEVER , NEVER THE GREEKS!!!

I can give you more information if you are interested. I tell you this: every Greek in the US, who knows a few things about me, asks me why I went to Australia. No one is asking me why I left Greece.

If you want to share this with other people feel free.

Have a blessed day,

Fr S M


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