About five years ago, I lost my business partner and friend to a heart attack. I know it was caused by the stress of the markets. My Dad spoke to him hours before he passed away.

This weekend, I lost a friend to suicide. He was well versed in the markets and extremely bright…easily a match for my former partner. Again, I know the stress of trading and investing is big, but you have to make sure you can burn it off in a positive way. In his case, he couldn't handle the stress of investing and a failing marriage.

I have too many friends on Dailyspec, and frankly I do worry about you folks. Both these guys knew what was going on… they were neither stupid nor weak people.

Make sure to recall this is a game, and those you come home to at night are your real treasure. If you don't think of it as a game, you should leave the business immediately for the sake of those you love and who depend on you.


Jeff Rollert

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

I knew and admired the first person. He was larger than life, enjoying all aspects of it to the full, and appreciative of all his friends and family. He had a myriad of interests, and loved life in all its aspects. A man like Falstaff but good in all his facets. I miss him greatly and will always remember with gratitude the fine and large points he enriched in my life and others.


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